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Eye Testing

Yes, we test your eyes - find out if you need a pair of spectacle - but that's the easy bit.

We don't call it an eye test - we call it an eye examination. We are passionate about eye care, after all that is why we trained as opticians in the first place.

During the eye examination Simon will use an instrument called an ophthalmoscope which is a bright light that he uses to see inside your eyes. He is having a really good look into the back of your eyes to make sure that they are nice and healthy, but he can also pick up other problems using his shiny little torch that you may not have been aware of. As well as symptoms of glaucoma caused by pressure in the eye, and cataract (usually associated with ageing of the eye), Simon is checking on other aspects of your general health which can be detected by carrying out a full eye examination.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, and, in extreme circumstances, even brain tumours may be detected by having a good look around the interior of your eyeball. At the end of the examination Simon will discuss his findings with you and explain all the options available should any further investigation be required.

An eye test is only £25.00 (And is free if you are NHS exempt) so don't put off your eye examination - it is an important part of your health care even if you don't need a pair of spectacles.

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