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Spectacle Lenses

The choice of lenses can make a huge difference to the way you want your new pair of glasses to work for you.

This is where we can help by giving you advice on the most suitable lenses that will ensure that your visual requirements are exactly what you want from your new spectacles. We take the time to listen to your expectations and guide you through all the options available to give you the best lenses that match your needs.

Being an independent eyecare practice means we are not tied in to a particular lens supplier and we are able to source the latest hi tech lenses for you from either an international lens company like Essilor (who invented the varifocal lens), Hoya, Zeiss and Kodak or from one of our smaller bespoke manufacturers who work closely with us to produce special one off products.

Whatever your requirements are we are always happy to find the ideal solution to fit in with your everyday lifestyle, sporting or social needs.

Below is a guide to different terms used with lenses, don't worry, we don't expect you to learn all this, we can guide you through it all.

Common types of lenses

Single Vision Lenses
A single vision lens is made using either your near or distance vision prescription. As such if you need to, you may end up with two pairs of glasses, one for reading and close work, and a second for distance, everyday things and driving. We can also supply prescription lenses to meet your personal needs. Requirements such as lenses for computer use, for using smartphones and tablets or for detailed close work such as needlework or painting can all be accomodated.

Bifocal Lenses
Bifocal lenses are manufactured with two prescriptions lenses. Your distance lens is at the top, and your near vision lens at the bottom, so you can simply glance down for reading and close work. Bifocals have a visible line across your lenses.

Varifocal Lenses
Varifocal lenses have a gradual change in lens strength from the top of the lens to the bottom. Unlike bifocals, varifocal glasses have no specific area of lens strength, but progressive lens zones. This means you can simply glance down to read, and the lack of a dividing line make them visually more appealing. They can remove the need for multiple pairs of glasses.

Common Tints and Coatings

Anti Reflective Coat
An antireflective or anti-reflection (AR) coating is a type of optical coating applied to the surface of lenses and other optical elements to reduce reflection. Not only does this almost completely remove unsightly reflection in your spectacles in photo's the coating allows more light get to your eyes, improving the clarity of what you see. They also help reduce glare on sunny days. They are particularly useful for driving at night. cutting out glare from oncoming headlights.

Scratch Resistant Coat
The lenses in your spectacles can scratch with use or neglect. A scratched pair of eyeglasses can compromise vision and be a source of annoyance. Although technology has yet to come out with scratch-free, lenses most lenses can be treated with scratch-resistant coating to prolong their life. of the eyeglasses. Scratch-resistance involves coating the lenses, both front and back, with a clear, hard coating to withstand scratches.

Tinted Lenses
Tinted lenses are both functional and fashionable. They can help reduce glare from the sun and mean any frame can become prescription sunglasses for precisely your "look" . We have a wide variety of colours and levels of tint available.

Specialist tints can also be applied for sporty types who need to see better in adverse conditions.

Photochromic Lenses
Often referred to by trade names such as Transitions, Sensity, Reactolite and others.

Unlike sunglasses, which have a set tint, Photochromic lenses are constantly adapting to your surrounding light conditions. The constant and smooth transition allow you to see well in all light conditions. The lenses react in a safe way when driving, not going quite as dark as when exposed to natural light outside.

Photochromic lenses can be fitted to any glasses frame you choose, and are suitable for any age including children.

At S Mcnicholas we offer a range of colours to suit you and the frame you have chosen, Grey, Brown, Green and more.

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