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Transitions Style Mirrors

Our most stylish photochromic lens

The most fashionable photochromic lens with all the benefits


Transitions Style Mirrors offer the comfort and protection of a photochromic lens only with added WOW factor. Mirrored lenses are very on trend and will inspire a new generation of Transitions wearers with its stylish shimmer.

reed_mirror_pract.pngIntelligent visual comfort

Transitions Style Mirrors have a hint of a tint indoors and will seamlessly activate outdoors, even in the car, providing wearers with visual comfort all day long.


100% of UVA and UVB light is blocked, protecting wearers at all times.


Mirrored Transitions - Colours

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Transitions Style Mirrors
Transitions Style Mirrors are the perfect photochromic lens for fashion conscious wearers.
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